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23 January 2007 @ 03:58 pm
At the current moment and for a couple of months now I have been unable to maintain this community. So the job for a maintainer is up, if you want it email me at wolfiekaynine@hotmail.co.uk
Everything is already set up all you have to do is make up the storylines and if you want to put up some relevant links J
The jobs open to all.
21 October 2006 @ 02:29 pm

Wave was tuning up a board in her room as rain poured outside of the Babylon Armada.

"Where's my wrench?" she thought, looking around her floor, which was littered with various mechanic junk. She realized she must've left it in the garage. Wave was walking down to the garage as the entrance to the armada opened and she found Sonic, Rouge, their friends, and a lavender cat enter. They were shivering and wet.

"What are you guys doing here?" Wave asked, about to get Storm or Jet. Rouge explained the situation to Wave and showed her the strange advice. Wave picked it up and examined it.

"Hmm." Wave murmured, checking the device from all angles. "What a weird thing." she thought. Wave checked out the front of the device with the clock the strapped on it. "This clock..."

"It's some sort of transportation device." Wave said in a matter-of-fact voice. Wave looked over to Blaze and said to her, "There must be another one in your world. That could explain how you were transported here." Wave checked the clock on the device. "You may be able to activate it again by getting this clock to work again."
21 October 2006 @ 04:41 pm
((Sorry, been busy with church and school and stuff. I'm ready to go now. ^^; I hope this post is okay...))

Rouge looked over to Blaze, who had just mumbled some words. She was lying on a small cot inside one of Rouge's many hideaways.

"Shh, don't talk," Rouge said to her. She went to her small, old fashioned cook stove, took a teapot off of it, and poured some of the liquid into a mug. She walked back to Blaze, helped her sit up, and handed her the mug. "Drink that," Rouge told her. "It's gonna taste bad, but it'll help you regain your strength."

Rouge walked over to the table holding the strange device Sonic and his crew had brought to her. They had inquired if she could interpret anything from it or if she knew anyone who could possibly know what this is. She tapped and poked it, then turned to the group.

"We should take it to Wave," she said. "She might know something about this." A sudden sharp, cold breeze blew the window open, thus making everyone inside the small, secluded shack shiver. Rouge sighed and walked to the window to close and bolt it. She mumbled to herself under her breath about rainy weather being unpredictable. She turned back to the others. "Well...?"
20 October 2006 @ 11:57 am

Alright, so obviously this community isn’t moving very fast. Is there anything that anyone would like to see happen with it to get it moving? Say to change the layout so it’s easer to read or make it more funky …anything.

And I just wanted to know why people aren’t posting because some of you sounded ready to go when you signed up.

13 October 2006 @ 08:24 pm
(Since I can't really apply to Blaze's post sadly, I guess I'll start one of Maria then. Tag anyone who can see Maria)


A wondering spirit...that was all that became of her. Rather shocking for someone who made the ultimate sacrifice for someone she had considered as family to her. She thought that after doing such a thing, she would be able to cross over in peace, but apparently it wasn't so...She was still here, drifting about among the living.

"Why am I still here? Am I suppose to do something else?" Maria wondered as her spiritual self floated above the group of anthro furries standing around Blaze.

Maria couldn't understand why she was still here and not in the afterlife as she should've been. Then again, souls of those departed who have not yet crossed on usually have a reason for still being here. Usually to get revenge or to say farewell to their loved ones.

Maybe...maybe she too had a specific reason for being here. It would explain why the girl was here to begin with. But if there was anyone she was ment to see, she would see him.

"Shadow...I have to find him. Maybe my reason for being here involves him, he might be in danger!"
05 October 2006 @ 12:31 am
((Um...just throwing out a post for people to reply to. ^^;; I hope this is okay. Tag everyone who is supposed to find Blaze. Don't know if they're supposed to be awake or unconscious still, though.))

Blaze groaned. Everything hurt, as though someone had just used her in lieu of their accordion and she was just feeling the effects of it right now. Her eyes fluttered open, taking in her blurred surroundings slowly but surely. The first thing she saw were several familiar forms nearby her.

"How did I get here?" she asked, suddenly very aware that she was not in her own world anymore. "What happened?"
02 October 2006 @ 03:43 pm

Hello again, so I know its been over a week but I thought I’d extend the applying time in case anyone else might like to join. So is everybody ready to get started?



So here’s the situation:

Time of day: late morning

Season: early winter

Weather: cloudy, near raining.

Sonic and the gang (sonic, amy, tails, knuckles) had just defeated Eggman from trying to take over the world though threat of blowing it up. They were all still outside of his hideout witch was just on the outskirts of a forest ,celebrating there victory when Knuckles had herd a sound coming from inside of the now empty hideout, something like machinery. Knuckles alerts the others and they all go in looking for the source of the strange mechanic sound, Amy rounds a corner and comes face to face with a bomb-looking thing (well it has a clock strapped to it ticking down) there was suddenly a blast and everything goes white.

Some hours later they all start to wake up to find Blaze is back in there world. Everybody knows something is wrong and that it was a very powerful machine to be able to bring Blaze back. So they decide to take the machine to Rouge to see if she knows anyone that would be able to figure it out. They find Rouge working with Shadow to get a chaos emerald.

This must happen:

.Rouge (or however many people want to go) must take the machine to Wave to see if she knows what it dose.

. At some point the machine must affect shadow so he see can see Maria‘s ghost.


Is anyone unhappy with that, want to add anything take anything away?

So now you post an entry saying what your characters do like I’ve explained.

If anyone else joins another post will be added to introduce them into the storyline and a mod post will be added every month or so as an update on the storyline and what’s going to happen next.

Have fun!

18 September 2006 @ 05:56 pm

Hello, right first post.

Let me start by introducing myself, I will be your main mod (but more might be added over time) I’ll be over looking the community seeing what’s going on and making sure none of the rules are being broken, general mod stuff (I might even take up a character yet). I would also like you to welcome you to the community, so here’s a big WELCOME! To you all!

I also urge you to look at the community info here:

So lets get started!

Here are all the characters available :


Sonic /  kaiba_katt
Amy Rose /  lucky_winters
Tails /  mechanic_fox
Cream /  silverpocket89
Cheese /
Knuckles /  shinmaxwell
Charmy /
Espio /
Vector /
Big the cat and Froggy /
Blaze /  blazeburns</span>
Maria Robotnik /  ashley_hedgehog
Tikal /



D.r Eggman /
Eggman Nega  /
Metal Sonic /
Black Doom /
Chaos creature /


Gerald Robotnik /
E-123 Omega /
Rouge /  ismenestar
Shadow /  saturn_firefly
Jet /  jet_thehawk
Wave /  queenhyprshadow
Storm /
Sliver /


(if I’ve forgotten any and think someone should be on there just put it down in comment, thanks.)

To apply for a character just comment on this post, and the character is yours, after most people have applied (in about a week or so) the first post with the plot/story line in it ll be posted and everyone can start.


Now let the applying begin!